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Green Bottles

Clearly positioned, differentiated and specialized hotels with a strong profile stand out from the competition to achieve optimum returns. They evoke desirability and therefore generate higher occupancy and achieve significantly better ADRs.

In order to help differentiate each hotel’s unique brand as a unique proposition in an already crowded marketplace, we understand the need to hone in on the various hospitality touch-points that leave the guest with a memorable experience. The In-Room experience is the most important part of any guest stay and Guest Amenities set the tone for every hotel brand. We work closely with each hotel partner to curate the most optimal amenity brand in our exclusive growing portfolio.


We realize the importance of creating strategic partnerships in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle spaces to give each brand the opportunity to complement the greater portfolio which in turn results in the most optimal and befitting market positioning and presence.

We are dedicated to ensuring that every brand on offer has a distinct reason for belonging to the Vanderlyn Amenity Portfolio and that the sum of the portfolio brands is greater than the individual parts. This way, there will be something for all clients to satisfy the breadth of hospitality demographics, lifestyle trends and evolving guest expectations.

To gain an added foothold in an otherwise a highly competitive closed amenity supply market, Vanderlyn has invested in direct manufacturing. Our proprietary factory resources, fortified through our global supply chain network, we are able to produce high quality amenity products while maintaining the design integrity and quality point standards that you’d expect from your favorite brands. 

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